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5 Tips For Growing Fantastic Brussel Sprouts!

Whether you started your plants from seed or have just purchased some at your local gardening center, here are some growing tips for Brussel Sprouts: Plant your Brussel Sprouts in the ground now, when it’s still cool and wet outside. Brussel Sprouts don’t like the heat of the summer, so the goal is plant them Read More

Transitioning Your Seedlings – Next Steps

Once your vegetable and flower seeds have successfully grown indoors with your heating mats and grow lights, it’s time to set your seedlings up for success!  Here are next steps: Transplant your seedlings into larger containers. A general rule of thumb is that when your plant is 4x bigger than the width of its’ container, Read More

At What Age Can I Leave My Kids Home Alone In Connecticut?

Connecticut law does not specify at what age a child may be left home alone. The decision is a judgment call on the part of a parent.  The Department of Children and Family Services “DCF” does provide guidelines as to factors a parent should consider before leaving a child home alone.  https://portal.ct.gov/DCF/Families/Leaving-your-child-alone.  Those factors are: Read More

Thinking of a Pre-Nuptial Agreement? 5 Must Do’s.

Prenuptial agreements are enforceable under Connecticut Law. https://www.cga.ct.gov/current/pub/chap_815e.htm#sec_46b-36a.  Here are some tips to ensure that your prenuptial agreement is done in a timely fashion and has all the elements you believe you need to protect your assets and income or not be bullied into entering into an unfair agreement: 1. Do it in advance.  Preferably, Read More

What To Do If DCF Knocks On My Door

The involvement of DCF (The Department of Children and Family Services) https://portal.ct.gov/dcf in your family can come about as a result of many different scenarios, including (1) you and your spouse being involved in a domestic violence incident when your child is home; (2) a therapist, teacher, coach or other mandated reporter contacts DCF as Read More

Do I Have to Pay For College if I Get Divorced?

Parents cannot be forced to pay for college unless they get divorced!  As part of any court settlement or after a trial, there will likely be a provision in your court order requiring one or both parents to contribute to the cost of college for their minor children.  C.G.S. 46b-56c.  But there are limits: The Read More

10 Facts You Need to Know About the New Texas Abortion Law (SB-8) “The Texas Heartbeat Act”:

Under current Federal law, a State may not restrict the right of a woman to secure an abortion during the first trimester of pregnancy.  In Roe v Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973), an all-male Supreme Court struck down a Texas statute banning and criminalizing all abortions unless there was a medical emergency.  In Roe v Read More

Growing Corn at Home In Connecticut

Growing corn at home is fun and will impress your friends when the plants are 10 feet high!  You will need a sunny area for planting – I recommend 4 feet wide and 10 feet long.  Follow these guidelines for the best success: Start your corn plants indoors. Buy a plastic seed starting kit at Read More

Gardening With Kids

GARDENING WITH KIDS: As many of you know, when I get home after work my favorite thing to do in the Spring and Summer is to change into some old clothes, throw on a pair of gloves, grab a shovel and start working the dirt in my vegetable and flower gardens.  I thought I would Read More