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Do I Have to Pay For College if I Get Divorced?

Parents cannot be forced to pay for college unless they get divorced!  As part of any court settlement or after a trial, there will likely be a provision in your court order requiring one or both parents to contribute to the cost of college for their minor children.  C.G.S. 46b-56c.  But there are limits:

  1. The total contribution towards college cannot exceed the cost of your child attending in-state at University of Connecticut at Storrs.
  1. The college costs will only include tuition, room & board, books, medical insurance and necessary fees. The court cannot order a parent to pay ancillary expenses of a child’s attendance at college such as cell phone, car insurance, clothing, sorority/fraternity fees, travel to and from school and general living expenses.
  1. Once your child turns age 23, the college order will end, even if your child is still attending college.
  1. Your child must attend full-time and make his or her academic records available to both parents, failing which the college order will be suspended.

An educational support order is modifiable based upon a substantial change in circumstances, such as a job loss.  If your child is young when you get divorced, the Court can reserve jurisdiction to make a college order in the future if there is no agreement between the parents at the time your child is ready for college.