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5 Tips For Growing Fantastic Brussel Sprouts!

Whether you started your plants from seed or have just purchased some at your local gardening center, here are some growing tips for Brussel Sprouts:

  1. Plant your Brussel Sprouts in the ground now, when it’s still cool and wet outside. Brussel Sprouts don’t like the heat of the summer, so the goal is plant them as soon as it’s above 40 degrees Fahrenheit and have them mature as early as possible.  Otherwise, you will need to wait until late June to try to plant a Fall crop (although I have not been as successful growing them late).
  1. You can plant your Brussel Sprouts plants in a container on your sunny patio! Just make sure the planter is at least 12 inches in diameter and just one plant per container. I like using only plastic containers so they are light enough to move around.  Also, make sure you drill a hole in the bottom of the container for proper drainage.
  1. In a raised garden bed, plant your Brussel Sprouts plants 2 feet apart from each other in full sun. Mix in some Miracle Grow garden soil https://miraclegro.com/en-us/shop/soils/miracle-gro-garden-soil-all-purpose/miracle-gro-garden-soil-all-purpose.html  when planting.  Deer fencing is optimal.
  1. Don’t plant Brussel Sprouts near any plant that tends to get buggy (like Kale).
  1. Do plant cool weather plants such as lettuce and spinach in between your Brussel Sprouts plants. Pictured is Brussel Sprouts growing in front of a row of sugar snap peas.