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At What Age Can I Leave My Kids Home Alone In Connecticut?

Connecticut law does not specify at what age a child may be left home alone. The decision is a judgment call on the part of a parent.  The Department of Children and Family Services “DCF” does provide guidelines as to factors a parent should consider before leaving a child home alone.  https://portal.ct.gov/DCF/Families/Leaving-your-child-alone.  Those factors are:

  1. The child’s age. According to the DCF guidelines, a child should be at least 12 years old before being left alone, and at least 15 years old before caring for a younger sibling.
  1. The child’s maturity.
  1. The child’s ability to handle urgent situations such as a fire or medical emergency.
  1. The environment in which the residence is located, such as any safety concerns.
  1. How long the child is being left alone.
  1. Whether the child feels comfortable being left alone.

DCF recommends that if a child is being left alone, the child should understand when and how to call 911, be provided with emergency contact numbers, be directed not to tell anyone he or she is home alone, and to understand that strangers should not be permitted to enter the home.