Westport Divorce Lawyer - Dori Ellen Feltman

"You need an attorney that is experienced. You need someone you can freely talk to and with whom you will feel comfortable divulging information. You need an attorney that is a shrewd tactician and a tough negotiator. You need an attorney who will tell it to you straight. And above all, you need an attorney who will be on your side and be your best advocate. I know these things because that's what Dori-Ellen did for me. So in my humble, yet now experienced opinion, I could recommend no one more qualified or better suited to represent you than Dori-Ellen."

– Richard; Westport, CT

Practice Areas

Dori-Ellen Feltman handles a wide range of cases — from typical divorce cases to complex property division and financial cases. Whether dealing with divorce, custody, or support, Dori-Ellen is here to help and provides experienced, determined representation when domestic abuse, infidelity, or alcohol or substance abuse complicates matters.

Choosing a Divorce Attorney

Picking your representative in a divorce, custody case or post-judgment matter is an important decision. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the best divorce lawyers in CT.

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