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Securing Your Future

Vision. Dedication. expertise.

Securing Your Future

Divorce & Family Law

Westport, Connecticut

I have dedicated my legal career to exclusively representing clients in family law and divorce matters for over 20 years in Westport, CT. My clients receive discreet, individualized attention where I am personally present and active during every stage of the process. I collaborate with a team of mental health and financial professionals to ensure that we have a team in place to address any issues which may arise in your matter. My goal is to handle your case efficiently and cost-effectively and to resolve your matter amicably. However, as a highly experienced and tough litigator, your interests will be protected and championed in the courtroom as well.

As a member of the American Academy of Certified Financial Litigators, I have extensive experience working with my financial expert partners in the valuation of closely held businesses and complex compensation structures. I utilize sophisticated financial software to analyze the tax impact of both support obligations and the distribution of assets.

As a Certified Guardian ad Litem as well as the mother of three children, I understand what parenting plans and custody structures work, and don’t. I understand the costs associated with raising children and the kinds of financial issues which must be addressed and resolved in a comprehensive support agreement. I understand the difficulties associated with making decisions jointly with an estranged spouse.

As a compassionate and dedicated advocate, I listen carefully to your concerns and work closely with you to achieve your goals giving you honest advice based upon my wide-ranging experience both inside and outside the courtroom.

Clients Say...

"Family law issues call for intelligent and sensitive advice and counsel from a lawyer with legal expertise and personal judgment. This is what I sought and obtained from the wise advice and counsel of Dori-Ellen Feltman."

— Walter; Westport CT

"Dori-Ellen is a brilliantly skilled attorney. She is smart, organized, and tough. When my ex-husband filed for shared-physical custody of our children after being divorced for 8 years, Dori-Ellen put a detailed plan together and helped me stand up to him in court and fight for what was in the best interest of our children. As someone who is intimidated by the court system, I felt confident and well represented with Dori-Ellen by my side. Dori-Ellen is a fighter and I highly recommend her."

– Melissa; New Canaan, CT

"I give Dori-Ellen 6 stars out of 5. yes, she's that good. A lot of lawyers are smart and work hard, but Dori-Ellen is also sensitive and truly cares, and in a divorce proceeding these latter qualities make all the difference."

– Scott
Wilton, CT

"Dori-Ellen Feltman handled my divorce with integrity and compassion from the beginning. With a strong expertise in the financial implications of a divorce, she was thorough and efficient while negotiating my terms with my ex's attorney. During this very stressful time, I could not have had a more able, intelligent attorney. Attorney Feltman truly cares about her clients. Her kindness and empathy, along with her strong knowledge of divorce law, make her an extremely able and qualified lawyer."

– Gwen; Westport, CT


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